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Sugarfield is more than a distillery, more than a winery and cidery, and more than a bottle. Sugarfield is an experience crafted from distilling the southern soul of Louisiana into a glass.

The idea for Sugarfield began with a unique experience. On a trip to Oregon in 2011, founder Thomas Soltau fell in love with a family-owned distillery devoted to bottling an expression of Pacific Northwest fruit. The thought was started, what could we do in the south with the southern fruit.

After this trip, Thomas began exploring his new passion, moonlighting making liqueurs while working as a neonatologist in Baton Rouge by day. His background in medicine and chemistry equipped him with the skill to test thousands of flavors, blending local fruits and commercial spirits to find the perfect combinations.

Five years later in 2016, Thomas realized his efforts could grow into more than just a hobby. Sugarfield worked through the LSU business incubator.  In 2018, He bought the land for the distillery in Gonzales and were distilling on-site by October of 2019. Sugarfield hosted its Grand Opening on January 4th of 2020.

From odes to backyard citrus season to Agricole-style rum, every Sugarfield spirit is an expression of Louisiana’s land and flavors. We use real, local ingredients including cane, sugar, and molasses sourced from Assumption Parish. We have deep respect and appreciation for the distilling process, and we give every batch of our spirits the attention and patience needed to create a high-quality product.

We approach every spirit with an eye toward culinary arts, giving each batch the same attention to detail as a fine wine. So many factors go into the taste and scent of each spirit – flavors can be affected by the ground the cane came from, even if the ingredients and distilling processes are the same. Each batch is a unique creation that reflects the season, weather, land, and spirit maker’s skill.

Our passion for quality flavor goes beyond distilling. In 2022, Sugarfield added a winery and cidery to our physical location to grow our brand experience across every type of drink. Each of our wines and ciders is given the same attention to detail as our spirits. Our mission is to give everyone a unique, illuminating experience when trying our products – an understanding, appreciation, and delight in the real ingredients and classic processes used to make them.

While Sugarfield products are available across Louisiana, our location in Gonzales is a hub for the celebration of distilling, cidermaking, and winemaking. We invite our customers to visit us to experience quality spirits, ciders, and wines and learn about their histories.

sugar field spirits co.


A picture of the interior bar at Sugarfield Spirits with a menu on a corrugated metal wall. There are barrels of wine, cider, and spirits on tap and ready to pour.

we believe every spirit is a symphony. a variety of factors work together to create the melody and countermelodies to produce the perfect harmony.


Every product we make is of the highest quality


We honor classic processes and do things the right way


We are transparent about our products’ histories and ingredients


We are always learning more about our craft and educating our team and customers


We use real ingredients and flavors

hard work

Our team divides and conquers


We explore new ideas to develop unique flavors


We make sure ingredients don’t go to waste

Andrew Soltau standing outside of the Sugarfield Spirits building, carrying a case of wine

Thomas Soltau standing in-front of the distillery

Thomas Soltau

head distiller
& head blender

Thomas has a unique path to becoming a distiller. He has a Microbiology Degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a MD from Medical College of Georgia. Thomas is a practicing Neonatalogist as well as the Head Distiller, Winemaker, Cidermaker and Meadmaker. He has a passion for making unique sensational alcoholic beverages. He consistently aspires to make improvements to all aspects of Sugarfield.